Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One More Try...

Okay, so we (well, Zach) decided to give this dog thing one more try. Zach and Tyler were both ready for a new dog to help heal their hearts over the tragic losses of Belle and Bleu. Jenn, on the other hand, was not so sure if she could ever love another dog again. (Yeah, a bit dramatic...I know!) On Sunday we decided to go see some dogs that were 11 weeks old and try to find a new family member. We drove to Sheridan (just past Lincoln) and saw these HUGE puppies running around and being CRAZY! We picked a little girl (not so little...she's the same size as Bleu was and she's 4 weeks YOUNGER) and brought her home to meet the kids. The reception went over fairly well, but based on how she looks and her size I'm not sure if Tyler and Lucy knew that it was a new dog or if they thought we just brought Bleu back home. Tyler is calling her the correct name, but Lucy still calls her Bleu every time she sees her and then corrects herself after we say the name. She's a love of a dog and she's fitting in nicely, so hopefully this new addition will be in our lives for a long, long time.
We decided to name her B.B. in honor of Belle and Bleu.

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