Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tyler Starts Pre-School

Tuesday, January 8th was Tyler's first day of preschool. We decided to enroll him in a part-time program at Busy Bees Preschool. His friend Haley goes there too, so we thought that would help him want to go. He did so good! The teacher said he was very polite and helpful and he had so much fun. Whoo-hoo! That makes Zach and I very happy. We were reluctant to send him because he has been so adamant that he doesn't want to go to school. But, when we told him they had paint he changed his mind.

He told me yesterday that they could teach him to spell, but that they wouldn't need to teach him how to spell his name. T-Y-L-E-R. Very cute. A boy puked in his class and he also told me what it looked like and what the kid had for lunch. Not very cute.

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