Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Trip to Arizona

Zach, Jenn, Tyler, and Lucy took their first airplane ride as a family to sunny Arizona to visit Matt, Michelle, and baby Joseph. What an experience that was! It was wonderful to see the Molinari family, but it would have been more wonderful if we could find a way to teleport ourselves and skip the travel altogether. The kids did fairly well...probably better than Mom and Dad!

Tyler's favorite part of the whole trip (besides Auntie Michelle and Uncle Matty) was riding the train at the park. We rode it two times, but I think he would have ridden it all day, every day if he could have. He wanted to ride in the caboose the second time we were on the train and he really loved that. We found that the train hides in the tunnel at nighttime and one morning we were there early enough to watch the train "wake up" and come out of the tunnel. The engineer blew the whistle for Tyler as he chuffed on by. I'd have to say that Lucy liked the train quite a bit too.

We got some good pictures of Zach and the kids bonding. We fed ducks at the duck pond, expolored the waterfalls, and followed the train tracks.

Of course we also did some sisterly bonding with Michelle! And the kids had a chance to get to know their cousin Joseph Michael.

After the trip we were all pooped...

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