Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Meeting Santa

As you can tell from the picture it doesn't look like Lucy was very excited about sitting on Santa's lap! She cried the minute Mommy gave her up to the man in red. I guess that's what to be expected of her first go-round.
As I look at the picture more it doesn't look like Santa is too thrilled either!

Tyler did a little bit better, but only if Mommy was in the picture. I wasn't really prepared for that. But I knew how important it was for Tyler to tell St. Nick about the GeoTrax Grand Central Station that he HAD TO HAVE! We told Tyler that Santa would bring him that track if he started pooping on the potty. Lo and behold he has, but I'm glad he didn't divulge that tidbit to Santa. He might not have wanted him sitting on his lap. :)

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Grohs Family Blog said...

We never even took Lala this year...She screamed so much last year and she sees Santa and cries. Next year?!?! Cutest blog!