Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Holiday Train

It was the time of year to do our annual Holiday Train ride in Santa Cruz. We weren't sure how it would go this year with two little kids...and the crowds. I worry about the kids...and Zach worries about the crowds. So far we were 1 and 1 on good trips and not so good trips. But luckily we are now 2 and 1! There were hardly any people down there, the train was only half full, and the kids did great!

Tyler couldn't wait for the train to arrive, couldn't wait to get on the train, and then couldn't wait for the train to move. He was very impatient! But the minute he saw the train pull up to the "station" he said it was INCREDIBLE and AMAZING. He was enthralled and thoroughly enjoyed waving to people that were on the road. He wouldn't talk to Santa Claus (but he did take candy from him) and he DID NOT want pixie dust sprinkled on his head. I guess that doesn't mix with train rides. Go figure.

Lucy was in awe the whole time. She was staring at all the lights on the train in wonderment. She couldn't take her eyes off Santa and believe it or not, she really enjoyed the lukewarm apple cider. She kept going back to the cup for more. A good time was had by all.

We also went to the beach and visited the redwoods while we were in Santa Cruz. Tyler was having so much fun...until his feet got wet and he got cold. Lucy loved the feel of the sand on her toes and she kept trying to run right into the ocean. You wouldn't know it by pictures we took...because Tyler just won't smile these days...but I do think he enjoyed himself. Lucy was a great traveler and handled all the new things like a champ. I think everyone had a great time and we plan on trying to go again next year. 3 and 1? Let's hope!

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Aunt Karen said...

Wow, going to the beach in December! That must be nice.

We have snow on the ground here. The only time it is safe to be barefoot is in the tub. Otherwise, you will freeze your toes off. We camped in the snow last weekend. Had to pack lots of hand warmers in our sleeping bag. BRrrrrrrr. KZ