Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Pictures...So Not Fun!

We made an attempt at doing our holiday pictures this past weekend. How do you spell NO FUN FOR ANYONE?! First of all, we were trying to coordinate three kids for pictures, nap times, lunch times, and play times. Oh...and the picture place was running an hour and a half behind. So much for coordinating! For whatever reason they let this family ahead of us try every background and change clothes a million it was a play with intermission and all that. Ridiculous. Our kids were doing so well...until it was their turn. Tyler wouldn't smile, Quillan got hungry, and Lucy...well she's Lucy and she did great for the most part. Zach and Ryan were throwing fits (almost as bad as the kids) and Kara and I were trying to keep the peace and not anyone! I think next year we might try and take the kids to a park and snap action shots!

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Glen & Kara said...

Wow. Sounds like all sorts of fun. :)