Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Following In Daddy's Ski Boots

Ever since the Winter Olympics in 2010 Zach has been even more obsessed with skiing than he was before. And now he wants the kids to love to ski as much as he does. On December 27th we packed up the kids and headed up to a place called Soda Springs. There was a tiny bunny hill that the kids could practice on and Mom and Dad could run up and down the hill. We went with Kara, Ryan, and Quillan and made it a family day. It was so much fun to watch the kids learn to ski. And probably so much fun to watch a gimp run down a snowy hill...
Here is our littlest snow bunny figuring out how to ski so quickly!
Tyler James did such a good job on the slopes and he never gave up! He makes his Mama proud.
Zach was super proud of his kids and can't wait to take them to a lesson. You know, so they can learn and he can go ski too.

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