Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Apples of My Eye

One lazy Sunday afternoon we took a trip to Apple Hill with Auntie Michelle and Baby Anna. We were really just looking for an excuse to eat some apples slathered in caramel and spend some time together. We chose to go to Abel's Acres and it was such a good choice. The apple farm wasn't that busy at all and we were able to take advantage of a few things. We took a few pictures of the kids posing in the picture spots.
The kids haven't ever ridden on a pony and since there was NO line we decided to go for it. In the past the kids have been too little or too scared to ride the ponies, but this time they were all for it. Here is Tyler with his pony Blacky.

And Lucy rode on Macintosh
The kids also wanted to run through the maze. Lucy made it about 5 minutes before she freaked out and needed me to help her find her way out.
Here is a pre-pumpkin patch picture. When we go for real the kids will be wearing their coordinating pumpkin clothes. This is just a warm up for the cute pictures to come from the patch. Don't you want to just 'em up? The kids...not the pumpkins!

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