Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dino Days

On Sunday March 22nd we went to Dino Days at Sierra College. The college has a really neat museum and they host Dino Days every other year to earn money for the museum. Since Tyler is ridiculously into dinosaurs we thought this would be a perfect family outing.

There were all kinds of dinosaur creatures set up throughout the campus and Tyler wanted his picture with every one. I'm sure he'll look back at the pictures and know all the names.

There were lots of activities for the kids to take part in. One was cookie painting. The kids got some sugar cookies and were able to "paint" them with frosting.

There was also an area set up for the kids to be future paleontologists. The kids were given some "tools" and were able to unearth some bones of a dinosaur. Tyler was VERY serious about this task.

Lucy was very serious too...

The event also had face painting, so each child got a creature on their cheek. Lucy picked a butterfly and Tyler picked a T-Rex...of course. The scarier the better!

The kids really did get to do some neat things. They were able to make plaster of paris casts of dinosaur parts. Tyler got the leg bones of a dinosaur and Lucy got some teeth. The kids were also able to make a press in the clay and Tyler made a dinosaur footprint and Lucy made a trilobyte (if that's how you spell it). Mommy said troglobyte and Tyler corrected me. There was also a scary, scary dinosaur alive in a box and it would peek out, spit, or claw at the box it was in. We were so thankful it didn't get out of the box!


Kara said...

That looks so fun! Tyler is going to be a "Ross" when he grows up! :)

thewallings said...

I was just thinking what Kara said (about the Ross part... imagine that)!!! It looks like a blast!

Kelly DaCosta said...

Looks like fun! My boys would have loved it too.