Friday, May 2, 2008

Tyler's New Quad

Tyler got a new toy! Well, Daddy got a new toy and Tyler is the lucky recipient. We are taking a trip to the Oregon Dunes in a few weeks and Zach felt like Tyler should have a quad to ride on the trip too. (Lucy will get to use the battery operated Fisher Price one from when Tyler was a baby.) I wasn't sure how Tyler would react to having a "motorcycle" but he seemed very excited and when he came home and saw Daddy putting it together he couldn't wait to climb on. That's why he's wearing a bike helmet and not an actual helmet...he wouldn't wait to give it a test drive. This weekend we will be buying a real deal helmet for the little guy. I think this will be something fun for Tyler and Daddy to bond over.

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Glen & Kara said...

Lucky Tyler!! That's awesome. Looks fun!