Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter In Yosemite

On March 23rd, we woke up and celebrated Easter with an egg hunt and by digging through the kids' baskets. We had colored eggs the night before with Grandma and Grandpa Odum, so the kids had fun looking for those eggs in the backyard. We only did 12 since we were going on vacation and didn't want to risk losing any in the backyard. As if Belle would let that happen...but just in case. Then we loaded up the kids in the packed-to-the-gills car and headed off to Yosemite. We were meeting Zach's family there. It was our second annual trip.
Tyler was VERY excited to visit Ho-semite again (he can't say y's maybe?). He wanted to hike and throw rocks into the Merced River. It's the simple things that make him happy. Oh, and he also likes the fancy suite we stayed in with a "playroom" just for him. Kids!
We rode the bikes everywhere and hiked to lower Yosemite falls. That was fun and really beautiful. The falls were gushing, so that was fun.

Tyler and I also had quite an adventure! He saw a little rock island in the middle of the river and he wanted to get there, so I was determined to get him there. Come heck or high water (or freezing cold water as it turned out) I was going to get my boy to "his" island. We tried it first with no shoes on and Mommy could only step in for one second, so we put our shoes on and rolled our pants up and ran (carefully) to the other side. Once we got there we had to sit down to let the feet stop hurting, and then, only then, did I remember that we'd have to go back through that water again to get to the other side. What I wouldn't do for my kids. But, Tyler and I made a memory and Zach got some good video.

Unfortunately, my neice Quillan got really sick on the trip and had to leave by ambulance. We sure did miss her on the remainder of the trip!

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